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Where I stand on the "Hot Button" issues in America

Yes. There are some instances where I think abortion is a good idea. If the woman is raped or accidentally gets pregnant while using protection, abortion would be OK. It is NOT OK when the woman decides not to use protection and uses abortion as a birth control method. Partial birth abortions are just as bad.
Animal Testing
No. Animal testing is wrong on so many levels. Human beings share our DNA with Chimps, Dogs, and even Chickens. This means that we are all related. We are all one huge family. Why are we subjecting them to suck horrible treatment? Being bred just so they can live and die in tiny cramped cages? We wouldn't like that would we? And the tests are not only restricted to dogs and cats; horses, chickens, monkeys, donkeys, and rabbits are used in these tests for cosmetics and medicine. It's lopsided and unfair. And don't think that your dog and cat food weren't tested on animals. They were. Dogs and cats are fed the food, then they are tied down and chunks of muscle are removed for inspection. Does that sound cruel? It should. If you don't feel anything for these animals than you are not human. Oh yeah, and by the way, HUMAN BEINGS ARE ANIMALS TOO. Think about that.
Prayer in Public Schools
No. That should not be allowed. That is what private schools are for. There is an amendment to the Constitution that says Separation of Church and State. If we have prayer in public schools, isn't that going against it? The same goes for religious idols in public buildings, such as the 10 commandments or nativity scenes. These things do not belong here. They belong in churches, mosques, and synagogues not in public places.
Gay Marriage
Yes. It should be left up to the individual state governments on if Gay marriage should be legal in their particular state. It is legal for straight couples to get married but yet we are denying these privileges to people who are just as human as we are. It does not make any sense.
Intelligent Design
Give me a break. I find it very hard to believe that god had nothing better to do with his time then plant fossils in the ground for us to discover and think that they were cavemen. Yes, man and Apes share a common ancestor. It's true. Yes, Dinosaurs did exist.

I'm sure I've missed some issues. If you think of any issues that I should include please e-mail me. Just click the Contact Me link.

Rest In Peace Skippy