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Conspiracy Theories

Ever so often the world needs a few conspiracy theories. Here are some that I thought of.


Kurt Cobain
Was it a murder or a suicide as the police would have you believe?

The answer simply is murder and here's why. Kurt was found with 225mg. of Heroin in his body. According to doctors, someone, even someone who had the tolerance of Kurt, could not pick up a  gun, let alone fire it. He was also found in a room called the "Green Room" which was a room above the garage at his Lake Washington home. Tom Grant, a detective with the Seattle Police Department, searched the house with one of Kurt's friends. Yet, Grant was not told about the room so they didn't search it. So, why was he not told about the room? Could it be that the people who murdered Kurt tried to cover it up? Of course they did. Than there's the "suicide note" The bulk of it was written by Kurt, believed to be a retirement letter to his fans but the last few lines are written in a completely different handwriting. Handwriting experts have stated that there is no way that Kurt wrote the whole thing. This is just some of the evidence that proves that Kurt was murdered.

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Gas stations feed off the same reserves

Texaco station

OK. I have no facts to back this up but it's seems kind of interesting to think about. Look at any intersection in America. There have to be at least 2 gas stations on the corners. Now, if 76 is saying that their gas is better than Chevron why would they set up their stations right across from each other? It's because there's a big tank under the street and the gas stations feed off that single tank. Think about it.

Credit card companies are the same companies that help you get out of debt

Visa and Mastercard logos

Once again, I have no facts to back this up but it's interesting to think about. Practically everyday we get mail saying that we are pre-approved for a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. Then we see on TV that if you're in debt you can pay people to help you get out of debt. So you get this card with a $100,000,000 credit line and you activate it and you run up a huge balance. Now you're in debt. What do you do now? You're gonna lose the house and the cars. Well, you call a debt consolidator and pay them to help you get out of debt. Kind of convenient huh? Once again, think about it.

Cigarette companies also control the stop smoking techniques


Along the same line as the Credit Card conspiracy. Cigarette companies control the stop smoking techniques, such as Nicotine patches and gum. They get you to pay a crap load of money and get addicted to cigarettes than after 20 years you decide to quit. But how do you do that? Maybe cold turkey, but anyone who has ever quit or tried to quit know how hard that is. So, you decide that the best thing for you to do is buy a really expensive patch to quit.
(Note that I am not running down cigarettes or smoking at all. I enjoy nicotine products immensely.)

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Rest In Peace Skippy